Terms and Conditions

1. These webinars are published and promoted by Employment Law Services Limited (‘we’ or ‘us’).

2. While we will endeavor to run each webinar at the advertised time, we reserve the right to change dates or substitute topics or speakers if we have a good reason (such as unforeseen speaker unavailability) for doing so.

3. Regarding liability for errors or omissions:-

a.neither the presenter (Daniel Barnett), nor the speakers, accept any liability for errors or omissions during the webinars.

b. .our liability for errors or omissions is limited to twice the fee paid by you to attend the webinar. If you want us to assume greater liability, please contact us before registering and we will discuss options with you for us to take out insurance to cover any further liability to you (which we will charge you for with a 100% uplift to the premium, minimum uplift £200, to cover our administration costs).

c. .if you rely on the content of the webinars, which is generic content reflecting the speakers’ understanding of the law given in an informal environment, you do so at your own risk. Bespoke legal advice is available from the speakers, for which their normal professional fees will be charged and for which they are insured.

4. Any data we collect (which will include your name and firm) will be used for the following purposes only:-

GuestList (https://guestlist.co/), the software we use for registration, will collate your data for registration purposes.

www.stripe.com, our payment processor, will process your data for the purpose of charging your registration fee to your credit card and retaining its own records thereafter.

We will retain your data for up to two years.

If you join a live webinar (as opposed to watching a recording):

-www.zoom.us, the software we use for the webinars, will use and retain any name you enter during a live broadcast.

- That name can be seen by other viewers as a fellow registrant if you watch the webinars live.

- If you ask a question during the webinar and it is answered, or if you make a comment in the public chat box, that name will/may be read out on the webinar, will appear in the recording and may appear on any transcripts we produce.

5. We are reliant on Zoom for the technology, and on the presenter and speakers’ broadband connections. We are not responsible for any loss of service or failure to record the webinar.

6. The first £20,000 of income from these webinars will be donated to the Free Representation Unit.

7. If you are not satisfied with the webinars, you may have a full refund by asking for one at any time, provided you ask by emailing us before 31 March 2022.

8. You can contact us by email, at jennie.hargrove@emplawservices.co.uk.